Featured Pets of the Month

**** WANTED ****

This handsome boy is Baboo. He is a gorgeous black and brown tabby and is a large and in charge kind of kitty. Baboo does not give his love freely. It takes him a little while to warm up to you but when that moment happens it is all the more special. He is very loving and loves to be groomed and brushed. For a large guy he is very agile and would benefit from controlled feeding and play time. Baboo is 4 ½ years old, neutered and vaccinations are up-to-date. He is a self assure fellow and likes to keep to himself, while he does get along with other cats he would be more happy being the only one. If you are looking for a loving personality plus companion please give this BIG guy a chance! Adoption fee $125. If you are interested in meeting Baboo please call the clinic at 519-836-9780.

Featured Pets of the Month

   **** WANTED ****

 A forever home for this beautiful girl. Her name is Tessa and she is 1 ½ years old. Besides her  dramatic black and white tuxedo coat, Tessa has a sweet loving personality. She gets along well with  other cats and interacts with children. She loves to be petted and cuddled but also enjoys play  times. Tessa also loves to eat – so watch that bowl of hers. She is spayed and her vaccinations are  up- to- date. Her adoption fee is $125. To make an appointment to see this beautiful girl call the  clinic at 519-836-9780 today!

a Sunday morning chuckle

Way too cute to keep this story to myself … Thank you, Sue M for letting me share it!

Hi, Reese:
I have to tell you about a comical situation yesterday morning when I was there for the morning feeding.
When I was about to enter the “kitten room”, I was tentative at opening the door because I knew they love to try and escape. Even though I was very careful to just open the door a crack, a whole bunch of kitties got past me! I quickly went inside and shut the door to keep the remaining ones left inside. There were only two left in the room. I put out food to keep them distracted. I wasn’t even sure how many kittens were missing….I knew there had been 7 the week before. I counted six food bowls so figured there might be 6 left.
I went back out to the hallway to try and find the others. 3 were sitting right there outside the door. Yay! I put them back in the room. That totalled five. I thought maybe that was it, but was about to go downstairs to look around for other escapees when Rory literally chased a black kitten back up the stairs! I couldn’t believe it! That guy really takes his responsibilities seriously. So now I had six. Thought maybe that was it. But then 2 minutes later, another black kitten came racing up the stairs. Seven! I knew I was done then.
Anyway, that is my story……with a big thank you to Rory. (Rhyming was unintentional).

under mama’s watchful eye

Laurel and Dahlia keeping busy …. oh, and keeping mom busy too ;)

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