Ava’s Birthday Kittens


A few weeks ago we adopted out two kittens to a young cat-lover named Ava. She wrote us a letter on her birthday, and we wanted to share it with you. She also sent us this fabulous picture of Carla and Perry happy in their new home. Thanks Ava!

Here’s what Ava had to say:

Today is my birthday! I asked for a kitten and I got 2!
When we saw them at the shelter, we just couldn’t adopt only one.
I called the boy Perry (after “Perry the platipus” on the Phineas and Ferb cartoon) and the girl Carly (after “i Carly” the TV show). They are brother and sister and in the day they like to be together cuddled up on my bed. I just adore them!
Thank-you to the shelter for taking such good care of them before they could come to live with me!