Pixie’s new home

pixie 5 pixie 6pixie 2pixie 3Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on how Pixie is doing in her new home! We’ve had her just over a month now, and we already can’t imagine life without her. She’s the perfect cat for our lifestyle – very friendly, social and playful, but also just as happy to curl up in her cat tree for a few hours while we’re away in class. Some of her favourite things include chasing after laser pointers, scurrying back and forth through her plastic tube, carrying her favourite little white mouse around from room to room and whiling away the evening hours curled up on her tree. She’s like a little shadow whenever we’re around, following us from room to room and always ready to collapse to the floor and ask for tummy scratches when we start to pet her. All in all she has already brought so much life, love and laughter to our lives and the lives of everyone who has met her, and we are so thankful to all of you at New Hope for bringing us together!

Many thanks,

Jess, Morgan & Pixie