Cally and Patches (now Moe)

A sweet success story if there ever was one ~ here’s an update on these amazing kitties!Cally and Patches aka Moe

“As per standard suggestion when bringing a pet(s) into their new home, place them in one room for a while so they get used to the new environment and know where their necessities are, so Sue placed them in the master bedroom.  Every time she went to see them they were wanting out, so she thought – why not – so out they came.  Well, I am sure it will come as no surprise to anyone, they were immediately “home”!!
As soon as Sue sits on the couch to watch TV Moe is on her knee and Cally is on her legs if she has her feet up.  Or they are tucked one on either side of her like they are watching TV also.  Of course Moe climbs up so he can wrap around Sue’s shoulders, and then Cally will get on her knee.  They seem to have worked out taking turns on the lap  🙂
On Sat evening Sue had a friend over and as soon as he sat down, Moe was on his knee!  She told him that Moe would not leave unless he got up and he found that to be true.  These kitties have amazing personalities and sure had a very loving home before they came to our rescue.  If only they could talk and tell us their story.
Cally and Moe now have large windows they can look out of and are quite entertained by the squirrels, chipmunks and birds.  Kitty TV.
Needless to say Sue is so very happy with her new furry family … a perfect fit for all.”
These are the stories that make being a volunteer at NHAR so rewarding.  Getting to know these lovely animals, and being able to give them their new beginnings, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that!!