Pet of the Month

This sweet wee girl with the soulful eyes is Nori.  She is with us due to the kindness of strangers, who found her wandering around their yard looking for a safe place to have her kittens.  They took her in and she had her litter in the comfort and safety of their home.  They did an excellent job socializing the kittens and when they were of age they were brought to us and found homes very quickly.  Nori is now spayed and would like her very own safe forever home.  She is so pretty with the tabby markings between her ears, and on her tail, while the rest of her is snowy white.  She is a gentle little kitty who is a wee bit shy at first, but soon lets you know that she adores being petted and played with.  Her vaccinations are current and her adoption fee is $160.  If you would like to have a sweet friend to keep you company please contact us at to make an appointment to meet Nori.