Pet of the Month

Meet Mishou

Mishou was surrendered to us due to her owner’s deteriorating health. She has had a very difficult time adjusting to her new life. She is not a social cat and prefers to be left alone; she cannot be picked up and may hiss and swat when you try to pet her. She cannot hurt you with her claws because she is front declawed, but she may give you a nip to let you know she’s had enough.  A cat with her behaviors would normally go into our barn cat program, but unfortunately this is not an option for Mishou since she is declawed, so she needs an indoor only home. She has been with us for a year and has slowly warmed up to the volunteers, to the point where she now frequently solicits attention and lets herself be petted for short periods, although only on her terms! We are hoping that there is a special home out there for her, someone who is understanding and patient and accepts her as she is. The ideal home for Mishou is not looking for a cat they can cuddle or have lots of interactions with. Mishou is happiest being left alone and would be content just having a place to hang out and do her own thing. She tends to be grumpy with other cats; she was originally surrendered with another cat, but they didn’t seem to like each other much, so her buddy has been adopted out. Mishou would probably be happiest as an only cat, although she might be OK coexisting with another cat with a similar personality. She is 12 years old, spayed and vaccinated, and her adoption fee is $135. If you think you might be able to give Mishou that special home that she deserves, please contact us by phone at 519-836-9780 (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm only) or by email at to talk about a potential adoption!