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Nigel, who found his forever home last year, wanted to share with his friends at New Hope his Hallowe'en costume.  He looks quite dashing as the Great Bumblebee!  All of us here at New Hope Animal Rescue, along with Nigel, wish you a safe and Happy Hallowe'en.

Scratch and Snip

There are several reasons why cats scratch, and they don't include the desire to provoke us.  Cats mostly scratch to leave their scent or to sharpen their claws, which they do by shedding the outer layer of the nail.  That's why simply trimming a cat's nails, while it limits the damage they can do, does not stop scratching.  Cats shed these nail "husks" much like we shed dead skin.  They just need a nice cardboard scratching post -  that works like a kind of loofah -  to help things along.

Pet of the Month

Hi, my name is Sylvester and I am a 2 and 1/2 year old grey tabby with white markings.  I am very handsome so everyone tells me, but not having access to a mirror I have to take their word for it.  Before the kind people at New Hope rescued me I was in a very bad situation and not given very good care or handling.  Due to that I had trust issues but over the time I have been in the shelter I have come to realize that people are loving and kind and I have responded to this care in a very positive way.  I just love to be petted and loved and like nothing better than to sit on your lap and rub and push to get even more attention.  They laugh at me ...