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Age:12 weeks approx. Sex:male Colour:orange & white Sparkie needs a home of his own. He is a loving kitten who will spend ages cuddled and snuggled up to you. He is sweet, affectionate, and playful. He likes other cats too. ?


Age:12 weeks approx. Sex: male Colour:orange & white This unique little guy is a s such a sweetie. He has no problem stretching out to let you pet him. Stripes gets along well with other cats and just loves people more than anything in the world. ?

Charlotte -Adopted!

Age: 6 months (as of Jan 2011) Sex: female (speyed) Colour: tortishell This unique little girl is a sweetie. She has no problem stretching out to let you pet her, and her gorgeous markings make her an instant attention-getter. She gets along with other cats, and would prefer to be adopted with another cat . She is just a girl in the world looking for her home!


Age: 7 weeks Sex: male Colour: grey this 6 week old chubby, lovable fellow is laid back and loves to snuggle. He comes running as soon as he hears a voice. He is eating mush and is litter trained. He loves playing with his litter-mates and would love to go home with one! ?