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Age:12 weeks approx. Sex:male Colour:orange & white Sparkie needs a home of his own. He is a loving kitten who will spend ages cuddled and snuggled up to you. He is sweet, affectionate, and playful. He likes other cats too. ?


Age:12 weeks approx. Sex: male Colour:orange & white This unique little guy is a s such a sweetie. He has no problem stretching out to let you pet him. Stripes gets along well with other cats and just loves people more than anything in the world. ?


Age: 4 years Sex:N/M Colour: Orange Oscar needs a new home. His pet parent can no longer keep him. Oscar is an inquisitive fellow and is very friendly. He gets along with friendly dogs, but should be the only cat in the house. He likes to curl up at the foot of a bed and stay there all night. Oscar is an indoor/outdoor cat but would probably get used to being indoors with an active family. He is a sweet little guy with lots of love to give.


  ADOPTED! Yes, Elsie, there is a Santa Claus/Claws!:D We are thrilled to announce that Elsie has wiggled her way into a wonderful new family and will be going home shortly! What a great way to start the holiday season! Her Story: Elsie and her brother Henry were indoor house cats for six years before they were given up by their previous caregiver. They were dropped off at a local farm to live, but this life was not suited to them. The other cats picked on both of them and then Henry was attacked and killed by a dog, leaving Elsie to fend for herself. She was bullied by the other barn cats. Elsie now lives at Dr. Kate's. Elsie is very ...